Officer's Name Agency End of Watch County Memorials
Schultz, Nickolaus Edward Merrillville Police Department September 7, 2014 Lake
Sheppard, Donald R. Highland Police Department November 12, 1971 Lake
Markley, Robert J. Highland Police Department March 10, 1978 Lake
Chapman, Charles Wilmer Munster Police Department January 30, 1947 Lake
Grove, Robert S. Munster Police Department September 6, 1983 Lake
Westerfield, Jeffrey Brady Gary Police Department July 6, 2014 Lake
Shisler, Jesse Pennsylvania Railroad Police Department October 16, 1899 Allen
Silversides, Charles Frederick Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railway Police Department July 12, 1909 LaPorte
Calvin, Jacob Daniel Tipton County Sheriff's Department June 28, 2014 Tipton
Brand, William Rollin Monroe County Sheriff's Department February 8, 2005 Monroe
Minter, Texas O. Griffith Police Department December 20, 1963 Lake
Zorodney, George Horace Lake County Sheriff's Department March 14, 1930 Lake
Holley, Roy F. 'Doc' Lake County Sheriff's Department January 16, 1933 Lake
Paterson, William G. Lake County Sheriff's Department January 25, 1994 Lake
Mitchell, Paul Winfield Lake County Sheriff's Department June 12, 1999 Lake
Martin, Gary Lynn Lake County Sheriff's Department August 22, 2006 Lake
Meux, Britney Rachelle Lake County Sheriff's Department March 6, 2012 Lake
Riser, Olaf Miller Town Marshal's Office August 30, 1912 Lake
Redar, Peter George Schererville Police Department August 4, 1964 Lake
Wittchen, James Roy Schererville Police Department February 24, 1973 Lake
Larimer, James E. 'Red' St. John Police Department February 20, 1971 Lake
Wagner, Anthony Whiting Police Department November 30, 1929 Lake
Manko, Jacob 'Jake' East Chicago Police Department October 18, 1914 Lake
Rajchinetz, Charles East Chicago Police Department August 1, 1918 Lake
Kucken, Robert East Chicago Police Department September 22, 1923 Lake
Mitchell, Thomas M. East Chicago Police Department September 23, 1923 Lake
Budich, Paul East Chicago Police Department April 20, 1924 Lake
O'Malley, William Patrick East Chicago Police Department January 15, 1934 Lake
Mulvihill, Francis Lloyd East Chicago Police Department May 24, 1934 Lake
O'Brien, Martin J. East Chicago Police Department May 24, 1934 Lake
Gunther, Julius Gary Police Department September 16, 1921 Lake
Lanham, Pearl Agnes Gary Police Department March 12, 1930 Lake
Kelly, James L. Gary Police Department March 31, 1932 Lake
Poturalski, Walter M. Gary Police Department August 8, 1935 Lake
O'Dell, Elza 'Tip' Gary Police Department January 31, 1953 Lake
Moore, John Edward Gary Police Department August 4, 1955 Lake
Rusnak, Michael G. Gary Police Department June 11, 1966 Lake
Lowe, George Gary Police Department June 2, 1970 Lake
Boyce, James R. 'J.R.' Jr. Gary Police Department October 5, 1974 Lake
Yaros, George Gary Police Department August 11, 1981 Lake
Rorex, Dorian David Gary Police Department January 15, 1998 Lake
Donald, Louis William Jr. Gary Police Department August 27, 2001 Lake
Wilcher, Benjamin 'BJ' Jr. Gary Police Department August 12, 2007 Lake
Fox, Leo Kenneth Hammond Police Department October 9, 1929 Lake
Hanlon, George Thomas Hammond Police Department May 16, 1937 Lake
Gerka, John Joseph Jr. Hammond Police Department January 11, 1947 Lake
Cook, Donald Benjamin Hammond Police Department January 13, 1947 Lake
Dunn, Frank H. Jr. Hammond Police Department June 1, 1961 Lake
Pucalik, Lawrence J. Hammond Police Department November 14, 1980 Lake
Malatinka, Ernest J. Hammond Police Department December 29, 1984 Lake
Blakely, Edward J. Porter County Sheriff's Department November 28, 1961 Porter
Hecht, Timothy Lawrence Porter County Sheriff's Department February 11, 1999 Porter
Yanich, Bill John Newton County Sheriff's Department December 17, 1967 Newton
Blann, Craig Allen Newton County Sheriff's Department September 6, 2004 Newton
Prouty, Ernest C. Jasper County Sheriff's Department January 4, 1931 Jasper
Oglesby, Charles Henry Pulaski County Sheriff's Department October 5, 1907 Pulaski
Lewis, Milo 'Mike' Pulaski County Sheriff's Department October 11, 1967 Pulaski
Bassett, Shadron Kiley 'Shad' Pulaski County Sheriff's Department October 7, 2005 Pulaski
Thompson, Neil G. LaPorte County Sheriff's Department September 21, 1980 LaPorte
Ciecka, Thomas Gregory LaPorte Police Department September 5, 1962 LaPorte
Lawrence, Richard Jacob LaPorte Police Department September 9, 1988 LaPorte
Reid, Ephraim V. Long Beach Police Department September 15, 1933 LaPorte
Platt, Earle Maitland Long Beach Police Department October 25, 1956 LaPorte
Kautz, James Rodger Long Beach Police Department December 4, 1997 LaPorte
Spencer, George F. Michigan City Police Department April 3, 1921 LaPorte
Simmerman, Joseph O. Michigan City Police Department April 3, 1921 LaPorte
Glafcke, Charles L. Michigan City Police Department December 14, 1930 LaPorte
Pogue, Ralph Wayne Bloomington Police Department November 25, 1928 Monroe
Cardwell, Samuel Perry Bloomington Police Department December 24, 1928 Monroe
Mishler, Dale W. Bloomington Police Department March 25, 1955 Monroe
Green, Jerry A. Bloomington Police Department July 15, 1967 Monroe
Owens, Donald Eugene Bloomington Police Department August 15, 1975 Monroe
Haylett-Jones, Sarah Irene Monroe County Sheriff's Department October 19, 2008 Monroe
Dunigan, Thomas Brent Morgan County Sheriff's Department December 26, 1975 Morgan
Starnes, Daniel Robert Morgan County Sheriff's Department July 10, 2001 Morgan
Koontz, Carl Allen Howard County Sheriff's Department March 20, 2016 Howard
Lee, George W. Alexandria Police Department December 7, 1899 Madison
Kirkman, Virgil F. Alexandria Police Department March 4, 1911 Madison
Ellis, John L. Alexandria Police Department March 6, 1911 Madison
Hughes, Opal J. Alexandria Police Department February 17, 1927 Madison
Knepple, Donald R. 'Charley' Allen County Adult Probation Department April 28, 1997 Allen
Heck, Eryk Todd Allen County Sheriff's Department August 15, 1997 Allen
Edenfield, Daniel David Allen County Sheriff's Department May 16, 1998 Allen
Clay, Leonard E. Anderson Police Department May 31, 1926 Madison
Levy, Frank M. Anderson Police Department November 25, 1935 Madison
Miner, William Dean Jr. Avilla Police Department May 28, 1983 Noble
Carney, George Bedford Police Department January 20, 1875 Lawrence
Ferguson, Richard D. Beech Grove Police Department December 22, 1972 Marion
Kleis, Thomas L. Beech Grove Police Department May 28, 1991 Marion
Toney, William Ronald Beech Grove Police Department September 29, 2000 Marion
Uptegraft, Gerald Lee Blackford County Sheriff's Department June 22, 1949 Blackford
Peper, John H. Boone County Sheriff's Department February 7, 1935 Boone
Swartzlander, Anthony Edwin 'Tony' Bremen Police Department February 22, 1981 Marshall
Davis, James L. Jr. Butler University Police Department September 24, 2004 Marion
Ingerman, John Mathew Cambridge City Police Department August 26, 1929 Wayne
Carey, William Frank Carmel Police Department June 8, 1900 Hamilton
Beam, Louis Dixon Cayuga Town Marshal's Office May 14, 2007 Vermillion
Haviland, Perry Wilson Clay City Police Department September 17, 1967 Clay
Tipton, Roy James Sr. Clay County Sheriff's Department September 16, 1931 Clay
Kelley, Howard Connersville Police Department November 9, 1937 Fayette
Wedding, John Gerhard Connersville Police Department March 4, 1962 Fayette
Jones, Charles R. Connersville Police Department March 27, 1970 Fayette
Baldwin, Russell Maxwell Crawfordsville Police Department August 27, 1974 Montgomery
Cook, Edward Rich Culver Police Department July 19, 1932 Marshall
McCallister, Walter W. Dale Town Marshal's Office December 24, 1925 Spencer
Wilhite, Oliver William Danville Police Department May 26, 1911 Hendricks
Lange, Herman Thomas Dearborn County Sheriff's Department December 31, 1929 Dearborn
Grubbs, Robert Alvey Dearborn County Sheriff's Department June 2, 1943 Dearborn
Navarra, Salvatore Frank 'Tudie' Decatur County Sheriff's Department May 29, 1961 Decatur
Wyss, Jerrold Joseph 'Jerry' Decatur Police Department October 23, 2001 Adams
Byers, Albert Sr. Diamond Town Marshal's Office April 9, 1905 Parke
Gardner, John E. Dubois County Sheriff's Department June 2, 1885 Dubois
Cox, William S. Dubois County Sheriff's Department May 23, 1887 Dubois
Wooldridge, Thomas Dubois County Sheriff's Department May 19, 1842 Dubois
Kreilein, Louis F. Dubois County Sheriff's Department March 29, 1954 Dubois
Burton, Willard S. Elkhart Police Department October 27, 1888 Elkhart
Shelmadine, Orren M. Elkhart Police Department February 9, 1920 Elkhart
Wentz, Henry W. Elkhart Police Department December 13, 1924 Elkhart
Adams, Douglas Michael Elkhart Police Department March 20, 2001 Elkhart
VanHorn, Willard S. Elwood Police Department July 1, 1932 Madison
Conrad, Abraham Eugene Town Marshal's Office August 10, 1892 Vermillion
Welch, John Evansville Police Department April 14, 1862 Vanderburgh
Massey, Louis Nelson Evansville Police Department July 4, 1903 Vanderburgh
Cain, John V. Jr. Evansville Police Department June 14, 1914 Vanderburgh
Payne, James Joshua Fairmount Police Department November 26, 1903 Grant
Mayfield, Daniel Alonzo Floyd County Sheriff's Department January 24, 1926 Floyd
Denzinger, Frank Charles Floyd County Sheriff's Department June 18, 2007 Floyd
Gebhardt, Matthew C. Fort Wayne Police Department March 10, 1926 Allen
Stiverson, Kenneth Paul Fort Wayne Police Department July 17, 1969 Allen
Graham, Omega Jr. Fort Wayne Police Department December 10, 1987 Allen
Hayden, Kenneth William Fort Wayne Police Department September 12, 1989 Allen
Matteson, Bradley W. Fort Wayne Police Department October 5, 2000 Allen
Goodwin, Donald R. Fountain City Police Department June 7, 1970 Wayne
Peters, William Grayden Fountain City Police Department June 7, 1970 Wayne
Hamilton, Amos L. Frankfort Police Department October 12, 1929 Clinton
Murphy, Robert Franklin County Sheriff's Department November 11, 1824 Franklin
VanCamp, William Franklin County Sheriff's Department August 20, 1923 Franklin
Moore, Bobby Ray Sr. Fremont Police Department July 26, 1988 Steuben
Ervin, Vern L. French Lick Police Department September 10, 1972 Orange
Mullis, Justin Clyde French Lick Police Department April 29, 2009 Orange
Worster, Paul V. Gas City Police Department July 1, 1969 Grant
Fisher, Jerry Alan 'Jed' Gibson County Sheriff's Department October 3, 2001 Gibson
Goodwin, Thomas Edward Goshen Police Department December 11, 1998 Elkhart
Ury, Frank O. Grant County Constable's Office September 14, 1928 Grant
Jones, Robert Lewis Grant County Sheriff's Department December 11, 1888 Grant
Certain, Fred Grant County Sheriff's Department September 18, 1928 Grant
Williams, Burke Grant County Sheriff's Department July 17, 1945 Grant
Starkey, Milton C. Grant County Sheriff's Department December 16, 1974 Grant
Glissman, Otto John Greendale Police Department December 19, 1942 Dearborn
Phillips, William Edward 'Will' III Greenfield Police Department September 30, 2010 Hancock
Geisler, Leonard Hagerstown Police Department May 1, 1905 Wayne
Miller, Jimmy Martin Hagerstown Police Department January 29, 1997 Wayne
Grass, Malcolm E. Hancock County Sheriff's Department May 8, 1986 Hancock
Gresham, William Harrison County Sheriff's Department January 26, 1834 Harrison
Carver, William E. Harrison County Sheriff's Department September 29, 2001 Harrison
Lampe, Ronald Lee Henry County Sheriff's Department January 9, 1980 Henry
Blemker, Samuel E. Huntingburg Police Department July 4, 1963 Dubois
Drabenstot, Alfred Lemoine Huntington County Sheriff's Department May 27, 1984 Huntington
Nattkemper, William J. Indiana Department of Conservation April 27, 1926 Vigo
Peare, William John Indiana Department of Conservation April 27, 1926 Vigo
Perkins, Robert Shepherd Indiana Department of Conservation May 27, 1958 Hamilton
Pitzer, James Dallas Indiana Department of Conservation January 2, 1961 Jay
Chamberlain, George A. Indiana Department of Correction May 11, 1874 Clark
McWilliams, Hiram B. Indiana Department of Correction November 22, 1911 Clark
Ambrose, Ora D. Indiana Department of Correction October 18, 1913 Hendricks
Spears, William H. Indiana Department of Correction October 18, 1913 Hendricks
Orem, C. Virgil Indiana Department of Correction January 21, 1919 Clark
Grimm, John H. Indiana Department of Correction May 8, 1921 Clark
Rice, Harold Edward Indiana Department of Correction December 29, 1976 LaPorte
Curry, Phillip K. Indiana Department of Correction December 13, 1994 LaPorte
Betts, Timothy Allen 'Tim' Indiana Department of Correction August 26, 2012 Sullivan
Deniston, Thomas Jay Indiana Department of Natural Resources October 16, 1990 Allen
Kelley, Karl Eugene Indiana Department of Natural Resources April 17, 1998 Lawrence
Bretz, Norman J. Indiana State Excise Police February 23, 1960 Warrick
Bossen, James Douglas Indianapolis International Airport Police Department February 5, 1982 Marion
Prater, Paul H. Jay County Sheriff's Department January 4, 1983 Jay
Sutton, Roy Bruce Jr. Jefferson County Sheriff's Department December 11, 2009 Jefferson
Cummins, Thomas Jefferson Township Constable's Office September 28, 1886 Dubois
Drury, William Albert Jeffersonville Police Department June 20, 1945 Clark
Martin, Gerald Lowell Jennings County Sheriff's Department July 5, 1980 Jennings
Vaughn, Ova Earl Johnson County Sheriff's Department June 25, 1938 Johnson
Miles, Tracy Lee Johnson County Sheriff's Department May 28, 1999 Johnson
Lannon, Thomas W. Kokomo Police Department August 22, 1877 Howard
Berryman, George Albert 'Al' Kokomo Police Department November 27, 1953 Howard
Bauer, Joseph Bernell Kosciusko County Sheriff's Department January 1, 1955 Kosciusko
Hochstetler, Phillip Douglas Jr. Kosciusko County Sheriff's Department June 29, 1994 Kosciusko
Shaw, Jeffery Bryant Kosciusko County Sheriff's Department November 12, 2009 Kosciusko
Springer, John F. Lafayette Police Department September 9, 1893 Tippecanoe
Arman, Charles William Lafayette Police Department November 1, 1927 Tippecanoe
Farrell, Harry Ray Lafayette Police Department August 4, 1931 Tippecanoe
Wilson, John Wesley Lafayette Police Department June 18, 1933 Tippecanoe
Spice, Harry E. LaGrange County Sheriff's Department December 3, 1937 LaGrange
Cushing, Gregory Owen LaGrange County Sheriff's Department October 30, 1995 LaGrange
Waldron, Michael Lee LaGrange Police Department December 7, 1974 LaGrange
Herbert, Craig Steven Lawrence Police Department March 6, 2005 Marion
Cunningham, Marion F. Lawrenceburg Police Department September 20, 1938 Dearborn
Liddle, Charles Anthony Lawrenceburg Police Department August 27, 1942 Dearborn
Ratliff, James Curtis Lawrenceburg Police Department February 7, 1961 Dearborn
Cochran, Thomas Lynn Lawrenceburg Police Department January 26, 2005 Dearborn
Cromwell, Fred Linton Police Department February 7, 1915 Greene
Hale, Kenneth Byron Jr. Lizton Police Department January 22, 1974 Hendricks
Knoebel, Frank J. Madison Police Department December 30, 1930 Jefferson
Byrne, Edward G. Marion County Sheriff's Department April 16, 1961 Marion
Wingate, Jimmy Van Marion County Sheriff's Department June 14, 1970 Marion
Settles, Floyd Thomas Marion County Sheriff's Department February 24, 1972 Marion
Atwell, Robert C. Marion County Sheriff's Department November 7, 1972 Marion
Morris, Gerald Lee 'Jerry' Marion County Sheriff's Department January 2, 1981 Marion
Baker, Terry Lee Marion County Sheriff's Department January 2, 1981 Marion
Sharp, Thurman Earl Marion County Sheriff's Department December 25, 1988 Marion
Ernst, Paul Joseph Marion County Sheriff's Department March 21, 1992 Marion
Baker, Jason Matthew Marion County Sheriff's Department September 17, 2001 Marion
Gregory, Kay Carolyn Marion County Sheriff's Department May 10, 2002 Marion
Boles, Chaney T. Marion Police Department January 1, 1943 Grant
Wildoner, Foster Cleon 'Pete' Marion Police Department September 16, 1966 Grant
Casper, Clarence Mishawaka Police Department June 10, 1930 St. Joseph
Verkler, Bryan Scott Mishawaka Police Department December 13, 2003 St. Joseph
Roberts, Thomas Mishawaka Police Department December 13, 2003 St. Joseph
Szuba, James John Mishawaka Police Department January 9, 2010 St. Joseph
Sutherlin, William Henry Mitchell Police Department March 7, 1923 Lawrence
Bush, George William Mitchell Police Department October 14, 1935 Lawrence
Stillman, George E. Mitchell Police Department September 7, 1965 Lawrence
Hellis, Anthony Charles 'Toney' Muncie Police Department September 30, 1923 Delaware
McCracken, James Ovid Muncie Police Department April 24, 1932 Delaware
Singer, Steven L. Muncie Police Department August 8, 1989 Delaware
Winters, Gregg William Muncie Police Department January 8, 1991 Delaware
Nine, Brant Allen 'Butch' Nappanee Police Department November 3, 1988 Elkhart
Welch, Otto A. New Albany Police Department December 15, 1922 Floyd
Fisher, Ralph New Harmony Town Marshal's Office July 13, 1955 Posey
Clapp, Richard Mark New Richmond Town Marshal's Office December 5, 2003 Montgomery
Castor, Francis Noblesville Police Department July 28, 1948 Hamilton
Vickery, Presta North Manchester Police Department October 15, 1930 Wabash
Schwacke, Gustav H. North Vernon Police Department September 23, 1903 Jennings
McKinsey, Frank North Vernon Police Department January 16, 1915 Jennings
Fowler, Edward P. Jr. North Vernon Police Department September 21, 1925 Jennings
Howard, Lonnie Edward North Vernon Police Department March 24, 1993 Jennings
Burton, Anthony B. 'Bud' North Vernon Police Department March 24, 1993 Jennings
Deno, Michael Edward Oakland City Police Department February 29, 2000 Gibson
Bough, Pinkney Freeman Oolitic Police Department September 23, 1922 Lawrence
Smith, Harry Orange County Sheriff's Department March 31, 1906 Orange
Brown, Columbus Orleans Police Department December 25, 1895 Orange
Wolfe, Charles Harrison Orleans Police Department July 11, 1938 Orange
Mull, William D. Parke County Sheriff's Department April 25, 1896 Parke
Sweem, William Parke County Sheriff's Department April 25, 1896 Parke
Flamion, Earl W. Perry County Sheriff's Department September 21, 1980 Perry
Nelson, James A. Plymouth Police Department December 11, 1967 Marshall
Thomas, Cyrus Oscar Posey County Sheriff's Department October 11, 1878 Posey
Hitch, Harrison Clement Princeton Police Department May 11, 1913 Gibson
Baugh, James E. 'Jim' Putnam County Sheriff's Department January 2, 2004 Putnam
Markle, Amos W. Richmond Police Department March 5, 1884 Wayne
Stephenson, Elmer Richmond Police Department July 8, 1916 Wayne
Little, George M. Richmond Police Department July 8, 1916 Wayne
Hennigar, John Wesley 'Bud' Richmond Police Department October 22, 1924 Wayne
Black, Robert G. Rocky Ripple Police Department February 20, 1997 Marion
Northern, Bryan Glenn Rocky Ripple Police Department March 23, 1997 Marion
Compton, Ray Rush County Sheriff's Department October 3, 1932 Rush
Peters, Wayne H. Rush County Sheriff's Department May 25, 1968 Rush
Wachendorf, Frederick C. Rushville Police Department February 4, 1922 Rush
Garrison, Walter Rushville Police Department February 3, 1931 Rush
McCory, Ulysses Grant Salem Police Department August 11, 1914 Washington
Amick, Harold F. Scott County Sheriff's Department June 5, 1934 Scott
Baker, James 'Jimmie' Scottsburg Police Department December 21, 1964 Scott
Harris, John N. Sellersburg Police Department January 16, 1915 Clark
Pfaffenberger, John George Seymour Police Department June 6, 1934 Jackson
Winn, Donald M. Jr. Seymour Police Department November 7, 1961 Jackson
Osborne, Jack William Seymour Police Department August 15, 1981 Jackson
Kistner, Clarence M. Shelburn Police Department February 10, 1979 Sullivan
McCorkle, Albert Woodard Shelby County Sheriff's Department October 10, 1880 Shelby
Alyea, Stacia Suzanne Shelby County Sheriff's Department April 18, 1996 Shelby
Henderson, Gary Wayne Shelbyville Police Department October 10, 2007 Shelby
Christensen, Oscar W. South Bend Police Department May 11, 1897 St. Joseph
Cooper, Samuel A. South Bend Police Department November 1, 1900 St. Joseph
Keller, Lewis South Bend Police Department February 25, 1898 St. Joseph
Brandt, Hans B. South Bend Police Department June 18, 1916 St. Joseph
Buhland, Fred E. South Bend Police Department January 10, 1921 St. Joseph
McIntyre, Neil Mason South Bend Police Department December 25, 1923 St. Joseph
Thompson, Lloyd L. South Bend Police Department February 27, 1932 St. Joseph
Farkas, Charles F. Sr. South Bend Police Department May 27, 1933 St. Joseph
Thompson, Delbert S. South Bend Police Department May 27, 1933 St. Joseph
Wagner, Howard C. South Bend Police Department June 30, 1934 St. Joseph
St. Germain, Ronald R. Sr. South Bend Police Department August 19, 1967 St. Joseph
DeRue, Thomas J. Sr. South Bend Police Department November 14, 1974 St. Joseph
Deguch, Paul Richard South Bend Police Department August 24, 1997 St. Joseph
Severns, Scott Lee South Bend Police Department April 23, 2006 St. Joseph
Polizzotto, Nick Samuel South Bend Police Department April 24, 2007 St. Joseph
Goodwin, James Cletus Spencer County Sheriff's Department October 28, 1973 Spencer
Conner, Thaddeus A. 'Sonny' Sr. Spencer County Sheriff's Department November 16, 1990 Spencer
Mumford, James William St. Joseph County Police Department May 25, 1962 St. Joseph
Dwyer, William E. Terre Haute Police Department April 2, 1908 Vigo
Dorley, Matthew A. Terre Haute Police Department January 23, 1919 Vigo
Long, Herbert Terre Haute Police Department February 9, 1922 Vigo
Kendall, Stephen Terre Haute Police Department January 23, 1924 Vigo
Borum, Harry Terre Haute Police Department November 23, 1924 Vigo
Harms, Herman F. Terre Haute Police Department January 25, 1925 Vigo
Lanfair, Walter Scott Terre Haute Police Department August 3, 1934 Vigo
Jones, Wayne E. Terre Haute Police Department June 25, 1951 Vigo
Thompson, Clarence D. Jr. Terre Haute Police Department March 8, 1964 Vigo
Utz, James William Terre Haute Police Department September 15, 1981 Vigo
Rogers, Harold Lee 'Sonny' Terre Haute Police Department June 16, 1984 Vigo
Long, Brett Daniel Terre Haute Police Department July 11, 2011 Vigo
McClure, Wallace Thomas Tippecanoe County Sheriff's Department February 8, 1928 Tippecanoe
Grove, John Paris Tippecanoe County Sheriff's Department February 8, 1928 Tippecanoe
Nelson, Jesse A. Upland Police Department August 1, 1924 Grant
Engel, William H. Vanderburgh County Sheriff's Department August 13, 1919 Vanderburgh
Jones, Martin C. Vermillion County Sheriff's Department December 1, 1916 Vermillion
Cleary, John M. Vigo County Sheriff's Department April 9, 1892 Vigo
Feiler, Peter J. Vigo County Sheriff's Department November 13, 1914 Vigo
Mankin, Joseph Paul Vigo County Sheriff's Department July 16, 1936 Vigo
Artz, Walter Kevin Vigo County Sheriff's Department July 1, 1987 Vigo
Schoffstall, Aaron Michael Vigo County Sheriff's Department November 28, 2000 Vigo
García, Enrico Aquino Jr. Vigo County Sheriff's Department September 23, 2007 Vigo
Carie, Simon Arthur Vincennes Police Department April 1, 1926 Knox
Manuel, Orrel L. Jr. Vincennes Police Department January 18, 1961 Knox
Osthimer, Clinton Maxwell Wabash Police Department January 19, 1943 Wabash
Dutcher, Avis Madison Warren County Sheriff's Department September 18, 1926 Warren
Nichols, Clyde E. Jr. Washington County Sheriff's Department April 1, 1984 Washington
Frame, Jack L. Wayne County Sheriff's Department October 26, 1968 Wayne
Oaks, Lesley Dale Waynetown Police Department May 3, 1982 Montgomery
Brown, David K. Westfield Police Department January 11, 1969 Hamilton
Fisher, Ray White County Sheriff's Department March 15, 1931 White
Clevenger, Troy 'Zeke' Winchester Police Department April 25, 1931 Randolph
Cowgill, Arnott Berthier 'Bert' Wolcott Police Department August 6, 1924 White
Brunner, Robert Glenn Wolcott Police Department August 9, 1941 White
Croy, Columbus Lafayette Woodburn Police Department June 7, 1907 Allen
Starrett, Walter B. Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Police Department December 24, 1917 Lawrence
Robbins, Elmer Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago and St. Louis Railway Police Department April 17, 1919 Decatur
Yancey, Guy Steele Louisville and Nashville Railroad Police Department April 6, 1947 Vanderburgh
Shirley, Louis L. New York Central Railroad Police Department April 14, 1923 Elkhart
Gahl, Thomas Eric United States Probation Office September 22, 1986 Marion
Klein, Nelson Bernard Federal Bureau of Investigation August 16, 1935 Union
Burrell, Mansel Ross Federal Bureau of Narcotics December 19, 1967 Lake
Gilbert, Walter M. Bureau of Prohibition – U.S. Department of Justice July 22, 1931 Allen
Wilson, John Irwin Bureau of Prohibition – U.S. Department of Justice July 22, 1931 Allen
Foster, John Ruskin Bureau of Internal Revenue, Alcohol Tax Unit (Federal) May 14, 1936 Lake
Mommer, Lawrence Albert Bureau of Prohibition – U.S. Department of the Treasury June 27, 1929 Allen
Shafer, Roy Walter Bureau of Prohibition – U.S. Department of the Treasury June 30, 1930 Boone
Anderson, Robert Garfield Bureau of Internal Revenue, Prohibition Unit (Federal) April 16, 1923 Lake
Teague, Eugene Indiana State Police December 20, 1933 Marion
Minneman, Paul Vincent Indiana State Police May 27, 1937 White
Dixon, William Raymond Indiana State Police June 28, 1938 LaPorte
Forster, George August Indiana State Police May 17, 1941 Jennings
England, Richard Francis Indiana State Police April 22, 1942 Noble
Smith, Herbert Wade Indiana State Police December 5, 1946 Shelby
Clevenger, Robert E. Indiana State Police September 8, 1953 Henry
Roush, Hubert E. Indiana State Police January 26, 1955 Marion
Brown, Earl L. Indiana State Police August 31, 1955 Jackson
Miller, John Raymond Indiana State Police September 5, 1955 Boone
Turner, Donald Raymond Indiana State Police January 28, 1956 DeKalb
Walts, Marvin E. Indiana State Police March 18, 1957 Clark
Kellems, William Rae Indiana State Police September 30, 1957 Scott
Powell, John Henry Indiana State Police February 27, 1959 Newton
Garrison, Robert Jack 'Bob' Indiana State Police December 14, 1959 Delaware
Gillespie, Robert C. Indiana State Police June 8, 1962 Lawrence
Kieser, William F. Indiana State Police March 9, 1965 Harrison
Mills, Oscar Eugene Indiana State Police April 12, 1966 Carroll
Rayner, William R. Indiana State Police December 18, 1966 Decatur
Brown, Richard G. Indiana State Police September 27, 1967 Boone
Lietzan, Robert Otto Indiana State Police March 30, 1969 Franklin
Campbell, George W. Indiana State Police June 18, 1969 Putnam
Streu, John Joseph Indiana State Police February 20, 1971 Lake
Hosier, Glen R. Indiana State Police April 26, 1971 Miami
Trees, William Joseph 'Joe' Indiana State Police June 26, 1972 Gibson
Meyer, Lawrence B. Indiana State Police February 2, 1974 Clark
Phillips, Lewis Edward Indiana State Police April 16, 1975 LaPorte
Jones, Roy Edman Indiana State Police July 3, 1979 Madison
Lather, Robert John II Indiana State Police July 6, 1982 Miami
Bailey, Steven L. Indiana State Police December 10, 1983 Marion
Hatfull, John Edward Indiana State Police April 13, 1987 Posey
Greene, Michael Earl Indiana State Police February 5, 1993 Marion
Burman, Todd A. Indiana State Police July 29, 1993 Carroll
Winzenread, Andrew Patrick Indiana State Police April 25, 1997 Decatur
Bartram, James Patrick Indiana State Police March 31, 1998 Johnson
Deuter, David Anthony Indiana State Police July 16, 1998 LaGrange
Gaston, Richard Terrell Indiana State Police March 4, 1999 St. Joseph
Elson, Cory R. Indiana State Police April 3, 1999 Adams
Beal, Jason Eric Indiana State Police January 15, 2000 Kosciusko
Patrick, Scott Alan Indiana State Police December 22, 2003 Lake
Dudley, Gary Edward Indiana State Police August 22, 2006 Vermillion
Rich, David Edward Indiana State Police July 5, 2007 Wabash
Barrett, Daniel Roy Indiana State Police January 27, 2008 Fulton
Burns, Hugh Indianapolis Police Department August 28, 1882 Marion
Ware, Charles A. Indianapolis Police Department April 28, 1897 Marion
Dolby, William Edward Indianapolis Police Department July 14, 1906 Marion
Russell, Charles J. Indianapolis Police Department September 30, 1906 Marion
Petticord, Edward J. Indianapolis Police Department October 2, 1906 Marion
Irish, Samuel F. Indianapolis Police Department June 7, 1909 Marion
Krupp, Joseph Indianapolis Police Department April 19, 1910 Marion
Barrows, Arthur F. Indianapolis Police Department June 4, 1911 Marion
McKinney, John E. Indianapolis Police Department March 28, 1912 Marion
Anderson, Elmer C. Indianapolis Police Department January 15, 1915 Marion
Hagerty, James D. Indianapolis Police Department June 23, 1916 Marion
DeRossette, John P. Indianapolis Police Department January 30, 1917 Marion
Ellis, Marion E. Indianapolis Police Department January 23, 1918 Marion
Hull, Wade Indianapolis Police Department September 10, 1919 Marion
Murphy, Maurice Indianapolis Police Department March 4, 1920 Marion
Richards, David S. Indianapolis Police Department January 3, 1922 Marion
Whitfield, William Indianapolis Police Department November 27, 1922 Marion
Louden, Jesse N. Indianapolis Police Department June 17, 1923 Marion
Buchanan, John F. Indianapolis Police Department July 9, 1926 Marion
Carter, Charles E. Jr. Indianapolis Police Department May 9, 1927 Marion
Mueller, William C. Indianapolis Police Department March 2, 1928 Marion
Schoen, Norman Leslie Indianapolis Police Department March 6, 1928 Marion
Miller, Paul P. Indianapolis Police Department July 18, 1928 Marion
Shipp, Roscoe C. Indianapolis Police Department July 24, 1929 Marion
Heckman, Carl W. Indianapolis Police Department January 3, 1931 Marion
Jones, Lester E. Indianapolis Police Department February 7, 1933 Marion
Quinnette, Orville E. Indianapolis Police Department December 18, 1935 Marion
Rivers, Richard Indianapolis Police Department April 27, 1936 Marion
Emmelman, Alvie C. Indianapolis Police Department May 29, 1938 Marion
Bolin, Harry A. Indianapolis Police Department August 15, 1940 Marion
Reilly, James J. Indianapolis Police Department January 29, 1942 Marion
Todd, Byron Douglas Indianapolis Police Department October 9, 1942 Marion
Foster, Marshall Ruark Indianapolis Police Department July 4, 1947 Marion
Baker, Robert Joseph Indianapolis Police Department October 2, 1948 Marion
Snorden, Clarence G. Indianapolis Police Department June 26, 1951 Marion
Gaughan, James T. Indianapolis Police Department September 8, 1951 Marion
Sullivan, John L. Indianapolis Police Department July 23, 1952 Marion
Reifeis, Arthur L. Indianapolis Police Department March 9, 1953 Marion
Whobrey, Ray Indianapolis Police Department April 24, 1953 Marion
Berry, Edward H. Indianapolis Police Department February 4, 1954 Marion
Kelly, Albert A. 'Dutch' Indianapolis Police Department December 6, 1956 Marion
Kilbourne, Donald H. Indianapolis Police Department November 13, 1964 Marion
Graham, Thomas R. Indianapolis Police Department October 12, 1965 Marion
Schachte, Robert Edward Indianapolis Police Department October 22, 1974 Marion
Manley, Ronald Hugh Indianapolis Police Department December 12, 1974 Marion
Greene, Warren Edward Indianapolis Police Department December 20, 1975 Marion
Compton, James M. Jr. Indianapolis Police Department March 16, 1976 Marion
Lacy, Ernest Max Indianapolis Police Department May 22, 1977 Marion
Lincks, Nathan 'Nate' Indianapolis Police Department October 25, 1977 Marion
Griffin, Gerald F. 'Jerry' Indianapolis Police Department November 6, 1979 Marion
Ohrberg, Jack R. Indianapolis Police Department December 11, 1980 Marion
Kortepeter, Paul A. Indianapolis Police Department January 19, 1983 Marion
Sandler, David Larue Indianapolis Police Department June 4, 1986 Marion
Faber, Matt John Indianapolis Police Department August 23, 1988 Marion
Hawkins, Teresa Jean Indianapolis Police Department August 17, 1993 Marion
Laird, Timothy Jacob 'Jake' Indianapolis Police Department August 18, 2004 Marion
Moore, David Spencer Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department January 26, 2011 Marion
Bradway, Rod Lee Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department September 20, 2013 Marion
Renn, Perry Wayne Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department July 5, 2014 Marion
Sibert, Gerald W. Pennsylvania Railroad Police Department October 5, 1922 Allen
Cox, Joseph A. Jr. Allen County Sheriff's Department February 12, 2017 Allen
Essington, Joseph Elsworth Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago and St. Louis Railway Police Department November 12, 1923 Madison
Banta, Ambrose Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago and St. Louis Railway Police Department October 21, 1927 Marion