John F. Springer
Lafayette Police Department
Saturday, September 9, 1893

Age: 32
Badge #:
Panel 46W, Line 16
Panel L3, Line 1

Incident Details

Cause of Death:
Date/Time of Incident:
Saturday, September 9, 1893
01:00 am
Incident to Death Duration:
Same day
Incident Location:
Monon Railroad Bridge, Lafayette
Incident County:
Incident Township:
Weapon Used:
Suspect Disposition:
Burial Place:
Saint Marys Cemetery, Lafayette

   Officer John Springer died after he fell from a railroad bridge while on patrol.

   As he and another officer were on patrol at the Union Depot, he left the depot to check the Monon Railroad Bridge crossing the Big Four tracks.

   Approximately an hour later, Officer Springer had not returned to the depot and the other officer blew his patrol whistle to try to contact him with no success.

   When the other officer and a captain went to search for Officer Springer, they found him at 2:30 am near the Monon Railroad Bridge where it appeared he had fallen from the bridge and died from a crushed skull.

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