Robert Wayne Nicholson
Clark County Sheriff's Department
Sunday, September 26, 2021

Age: 35
Served: 8 years
Badge #: A84
Panel 46E, Line 32 (2022)
Included (2022)

Incident Details

Cause of Death:
Duty-related illness
Date/Time of Incident:
Thursday, August 19, 2021

Incident to Death Duration:
38 days
Incident Location:
501 East Court Avenue, Jeffersonville
Incident County:
Incident Township:
Weapon Used:
Suspect Disposition:
Burial Place:
Bowery Cemetery, Memphis

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   Corporal Robert Nicholson died from complications after contracting coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) during an ongoing global pandemic.

   After becoming exposed while questioning a suspect who was infected in Henryville, he was hospitalized where he remained until he passed away.

   Corporal Nicholson, from Memphis, had previously served with the Charlestown Police Department for three years. He was survived by his wife, Holly; daughters, Laylee and Adalynn; mother, Marcy Nicholson (Jerry Longest); brother, Todd Nance; and paternal grandmother, Charlotte Nicholson.

Historical Notes

• Corporal Nicholson is the fifth of eight Indiana line of duty deaths in 2021.
• He is the first line of duty death of the Clark County Sheriff's Department.
• His line of duty death is the 14th that has originated from Clark County.
As of February 1, 2024, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused 1,180,042 deaths in the United States and 26,307 deaths in Indiana. From November 2020 through January 2021, the deadliest wave was responsible for 7,140 deaths with the highest occurring in December 2020 when 3,038 died statewide. The pandemic has caused 874 known law enforcement officer deaths in the United States.

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